1 World Retail Congress sessions
RAI Amsterdam - 2019

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2 Talks at Monzo
Monzo - 2019

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3 Talks at Starling
Starling Bank - 2018

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4 Launch day
Percent, Soho - 2020
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5 Team presentation for the Business Sec. Liz Truss
Starling Bank - 2017

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6 Google Education talk
BETT London - 2014

~ Websites

The Progression Framework
Client: Monzo, as open source software (OSS)
Stack: React, Gatsby, custom YAML + Markdown SSR build, deployed on Netlify.

My team at Monzo was responsible for scaling, and one of our projects focused on creating a structure for fairer hiring and pay transparency. Each vertical created a 'progression framework' for managees and reports to use as the groundwork for their internal progression, and for hiring managers to use to grade candidates.

I built out the technology to support this - a lightning fast site with significant data ingestion built with React and Gatsby (for static SSR), rendered from structured data (YAML) or unstructured files (Markdown) and the ability for other teams to collaborate on the spec.

The project was made open source for others to use, and has since had over 230 stars and been adapted into frameworks for other companies such as:

I designed the site myself with advice from Monzo's design team, and built out a library of documentation to help team members add to the framework.

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Internal admin platform
Client: Starling Bank
Stack: React app built with Bootstrap and Redux, deployed on AWS.

Whilst I can only share a limited amount of information on this due to its confidential nature, I spent a significant amount of time helping to improve Starling's internal administrative platform used across the company from HR to Customer Support.

You can see this being used in the Webhooks talk linked in the Backend tab.


Developer Portal
Client: Starling Bank
Stack: React app built with Bootstrap, Redux, and Swagger, deployed on AWS.

Whilst building out our v2 Payments Services API, I spent time refreshing various parts our Developer Portal, building out new UI for Personal Access Webhooks and integrating new Swagger documentation into the portal.

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Personal Project
Stack: Same fundementals as the Monzo Progression Framework; React, Gatsby, custom YAML + Markdown SSR build, deployed on Netlify

During the 2018 election I came up with an idea - a single domain that would help you register to vote in just a tap, no matter where you are in the world. It's an open source community project which I maintain, designed to increase levels of voter participation.

I bought the "pls.vote" domain and got building the infrastructure, which automatically redirects to information relevant to your current state or country based on IP.

A new version of the site is currently under development, but you can view the old version here.


Client: Annabel Lake (Bakken & Bæck)
Stack: Native DHTML deployed via Netlify

In 2019 I built the site for Bakken & Bæck designer Annabel Lake's new studio, built on an interactive canvas compatible across a range of touch-based devices (which proved a harder challenge than expected!).

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Watchface generator & company site
Client: BLOCKS Wearables, Imperial College London
Stack: Native DHTML with jQuery, Rust, MySQL CloudSQL, deployed via Google App Engine

One of the first commerical projects I took on was building the Watchface Builder for BLOCKS Wearables at 14 years old. This was used to customize the watchfaces for Kickstarter backers upon arrival, and I went on to build the actual watchfaces for the device too. Coincedentally, a similar design was adopted by Apple to allow users to customise their Apple Watch upon their Series 3 launch a couple of years later!

I additionally worked on the development of the company’s primary website, featuring a number of interactive animations demonstrating the capabilities of a modular smartwatch.

Video: View the watchface builder →
Site: View the (archived) BLOCKS site →


Personal project
Stack: React, Gatsby, deployed on Netlify, additional material from Cargo

This site 😉