1 World Retail Congress sessions
RAI Amsterdam - 2019

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2 Talks at Monzo
Monzo - 2019

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3 Talks at Starling
Starling Bank - 2018

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4 Launch day
Percent, Soho - 2020
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5 Team presentation for the Business Sec. Liz Truss
Starling Bank - 2017

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6 Google Education talk
BETT London - 2014

~ Strategy, Design & Management

Building the world's most magical banking app ✨
Client: Umber

I left Monzo in 2019 to found Umber, an app that supercharges your existing bank account and credit card with new features and rewards.

I raised our initial pre-seed at a valuation just over £1.1mil ($1.5mil) as an 18 years old with no team or product behind me; just an idea. We've since shifted our focus towards the US and are fast approaching our next raise to launch in the US.

I've been working on our strategy, product, brand design and UI/UX over multiple iterations for almost two years, and have twice managed teams of young engineering interns to help bring the app to life.

Ping me if you'd like to see the deck.


Greenfield platform rebuild for an insurance scale-up
Client: Zego

During a 4-month hiatus of my time at Umber, I started consulting to make ends meet. I joined Zego as a Senior Product Consultant on the Platform Products team under the CPO and new Director of Platform Products.

I was tasked with determining & delivering the first phase of a complete rebuild of Zego’s Insurance Platform. In doing so I was responsible for a number of squads and worked across the org from Client Ops to Principal Engineers to determine requirements and ship.


Product Conceptualisations & Strategy
Client: IMAX

I approached the CEO of IMAX about working together in 2020 and entered into conversations about their current strategy.

Due to my increased focus on Umber the collaboration did not directly work out, but I spent time with IMAX's CFO, CTO, and Chief of Staff fleshing out a variety of concepts and strategic ideas across their PVOD, innovation, and hardware verticals.


A new type of bank for young people
Client: Starling Bank

I left home at 16 years old to join Starling Bank as an engineer, getting special approval for an account as a u18 customer. Through chatting with friends I quickly realised how big a need there was for a young person's fintech account, so knocked on the CEO's office door and pitched her the idea of "Starling for young people".

I worked with the VP of Product and our core product team to build and launch the new accounts in early 2018.


Product revamp
Client: Percent

I joined Percent as interim Head of Product for 3 months during my transition from Monzo to Umber. In addition to leading Product Strategy, I managed an agile cross-functional team of 6 engineers and 1 designer, working in conjunction with the CTO, COO, and CMO.

I led the team in revamping Percent's onboarding flow, introducing a discovery section for digital retailers within the app, and building 'Percent Fundraisers' - a new product feature to boost customer acquistion and donations to good causes.


Student accounts & Monzo Charity
Client: Monzo

I was convinced to take the trip (quite literally) across the road from Starling Bank to Monzo to work directly under the company's co-founder, Jonas. I had a vision for student & young person's accounts and was brought in to lead these new developments.

I was the point-of-contact for anything student or u18 related during my time at Monzo, working on a variety of design concepts, product features, and primarily product strategies, liasing with CS, Legal & Regs, Ops, Design, and more.

I was also the Product Manager for Monzo Charity - a project I started internally to increase giving to charities by prompting Monzo users to round up their spare change on a specific day (e.g. Trans Day of Visibilty or Red Nose Day). The concept was a hit, and I built a team of 8 employees including the Head of Design working in our spare time to bring the feature to life.